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Reliable Moving To France services

Moving to France with Moving Home Company makes your relocation smooth because of its expertise and top-notch services. We will make sure that your move is a success no matter where you are planning to move in the world. Moving Home Company provides assistance in every step of the way and guarantee you a stress-free international move.

For us, the safety of your belongings is of top priority, and that is why we have developed innovative packing methods as well as materials that are matchless in the industry. Our boxes will protect your items from any type of damage.

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At Moving Home Company, we are dedicated to provide excellent services and strive to achieve customer satisfaction. We have hired a trained team of workers who will take care of your belongings from start to finish. They will ensure that the entire process is smooth and enjoyable.



We believe that our valuable customers deserve the best. So Moving Home Company offers you the highest standards services at the best price. It also means that we can serve you moving services anywhere in the world with the same care and attention.

With over 30 years of experience in international removals, you are rest assured to benefit from quicker transit times as well as the competitive market prices.

Innovative And Professional Packing

Durable and high-quality packing materials will provide your goods proper protection so that they arrive in pristine condition.

In all these years, Moving Home Company has its own packing materials that can protect your any item properly. Whether it dishes to LED TV or halogen lamps, we have boxes that will answer to all your needs.

So if you have precious, fragile items or art pieces to move, our teams love to be challenged. We can also create customs box to meet your items specific requirements and safety of your precious objects.

You can have peace of mind that with the best packing materials and well-trained teams, your items are in good hands.

Furthermore, at Moving Home Company, we continuously invest in our fleet to provide you with the best, secure and flexible removals to France services

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Secure Storage Services

In addition, if you are looking for personal or business storage solutions, for a short term or long term, we can provide you with the solution that suits all your needs.

The storage solutions we provide are an ideal way to keep your possessions safe and secure during a move, whether you are moving abroad or renovating the property.

We understand that when you are putting your items into a storage space, you need to be confident and assured that your belongings are in safe hands. All our storage facility are protected by 24/7 CCTV and can be accessed anytime, but you need to inform us beforehand. We will take care of your possessions and watch them as if they were our own.

For added peace of mind, Moving Home Company also provide insurance coverage. So it is another way of saying that we can make your move easy. You rest assured that you are protected in case anything that will happen to your belongings.


Short-term storage

If you are in a position of moving house, renovating or decluttering it, our short-term storage facilities provides the ideal solution to space restrictions. Irrespective of the situation, our specialists can advise you on the storage solution that is best for your needs.


Long-term storage

In the case of long-term storage, we also provide you with safe and secure storage units. Our professional packers will label all your items, which will then be stored in our security and CCTV protected storage units. And you can have access to your goods by appointments.

This storage facility is perfect if you are temporarily moving abroad, spend a large portion of your time out of the country or are undertaking a long renovation project. At Moving Home Company, we make it simple and easy.


Packing Material And Secure Storage Process

Our specialists’ packers will wrap your furniture and put it in a secure crate, whether it needs to be loaded for either short-term or long-term storage. This increases the protection of the furniture stored and simplifies matters when a stored consignment needs to be shipped on either short notice or if there is any change in your initial plan.

A moving to France checklist is completed, and each box is identified and marked.

After that, your items are loaded in particular storage boxes or containers. It will be then sealed in your presence and stored in our ultra-safe storage warehouse.


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Simplicity And Efficiency

With Moving Home Company, we take an extra mile to make your life easier. We are licensed, reliable and efficient moving company. We deliver secure storage facilities for both individuals and professionals according to their specific needs.

So, we can safely secure any type of household goods, commercial goods, fine arts, documents, equipment and much more.


Bespoke Moving Services

At Moving Home Company, you will experience that we provide bespoke moving services. It includes providing a selection of fully customisable removals services. Each service is designed in such a way that will make your journey as stress-free as possible. If you want our experts can also provide you with advice on moving to France.

So do not wait, hire our service now! If you have any questions we will be happy to provide answers to all of them.