IT Relocation

IT Relocation forms a business-critical part of your office move. Moving Home Company provide experienced professionals able to plan & carry out your relocation effectively and efficiently.


Moving Home Company IT Relocation


Working to exacting requirements, our professionals ensure your employees find their devices working perfectly by undertaking all necessary planning, asset management and server migrations; structured cabling, cable management and specialist disposal for IT equipment.

Moving Home Company IT Relocation Services

Asset Management – We can assist you in managing IT assets by auditing/reporting on the current integrity of assets prior to your IT removal.


Project Management – Server moves/reconfigurations are teh key to successful IT removals. Your Moving Home Company project manager can be assigned specifically to work on teh IT aspect of your office move. Using dedicated resources, we ensure your IT relocation is – in recognition of its business-critical function – given the highest priority.


Server Migration – IT relocations/server reconfiguration can be exceptionally stressful and additional resources are helpful in ensuring trouble-free IT moves. We therefore assist with server migrations/reconfigurations either to support your in-house IT department or to undertake the complete service.


Cabling – The efficiency of IT removals can be maximised by panning & pre-cabling with desk cable management, which is helpful in terms of general office housekeeping and cabling security.


Desktop Relocation – Our experienced team of IT movers will ensure all your IT devices are logged, packed and moved, as well as unpacked at the right time and in the right place. We will even ensure each screen is positioned precisely to individual preferences.


Recycling – IT moves invariably lead to redundant equipment. Moving Home Company ensure all your surplus equipment is disposed of safely and according to the WEEE Directive.

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