Employee Relocation

Moving Home Company Employee Relocation - Helping Your Employees to 'Get Up & Running' in Their New Roles Quickly and Hassle-Free.

As one of the UK’s leading national and international removal companies, we understand that your employees’ performance is key to your business’ success. We also understand the challenges they and their families face when their work requires them to relocate.


We therefore offer the professionals, technology and processes necessary to relocate your employees to their new posts both within the UK and overseas and help them settle into their new roles quickly.


Moving Home Company Employee Relocation

Taking a consultative approach, we work in a strategic partnership with you/your company. Underpinning our national & international network with our commitment to continual quality and improvement, we take the complexities of national & international relocations and simply the process.


Passionate about delivering excellence at every state of your employees’ moves, we make minimising anxiety through expert services and careful planning our highest priority.


Our Employee Relocation Services

Keeping you and your employee/s informed every step of the way and working with a global network of top quality relocation partners, we offer an array of customised relocation solutions and services including:


  • Accompanied home search – rental
  • Compensation, benefits and Tax management
  • Cost of living allowance (COLA) reports
  • Desktop home search
  • Destination information
  • Expense management
  • Family support services
  • Global relocation management
  • Group move management
  • Guaranteed sales price
  • Housing cost disparity report
  • Onsite resourcing
  • P11D reporting
  • Relocation cost estimates
  • Relocation expense management
  • Relocation policy consultation and benchmarking
  • Relocation services (settling in)
  • Removals management
  • Rental services
  • Repatriation management
  • Temporary accommodation
  • UK rental market report
  • Visa and immigration
  • Welcome packs


All our services are underpinned by unique international and national resources.

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Providing technical and removal industry knowledge based on 30 years of experience, we deliver customised solutions designed to meet your business’ specific needs and ensure long-term benefits for both your company and your employees.


To learn more about Moving Home Company Employee Relocation Services, please do not hesitate to call us on 08000 741 741 or get in touch via our online form today.