Removals to Spain

Removals To Spain

Whether you are moving to a foreign country to follow your career and goals or you are a student going to study abroad, Moving Home Company has got you covered. Moving to another place is not an easy decision to take, especially shifting overseas, and neither is the whole moving process. You have to do everything in an organised and smart way. As one of the reliable removal companies in London, we have helped many individuals with removals to Spain in these 30 years. So we have the knowledge and experience to help you, too.

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European removals are something that you should leave to the expert packers and movers. And you are guaranteed that you will have a stress-free house move. The service we offer will allow you to leave all the work to us without any worries. Moving Home Company is your one-stop shop for your packing and moving needs.

So why not get a helping hand with your European moving and leave all the tasks to the trained movers.


Moving Abroad- Moving Home Company Can Help You With

We will offer the packing materials – boxes, stretch wrap, packing paper, and so forth. The movers will then load the van with all the boxes and arrange them in a safe manner.

When they arrive at the given address, they will unload the truck and place the boxes into your new home. Our team will also bring blankets to cover your valuable pieces of furniture during transportation.

We will arrange for an on-site survey as a way to provide you with the most accurate quote. It is easy, quick, and you will know the total cost you will have to pay.

How we price our removals to Spain service? Our surveyor will come and investigate how much there is to pack and load at the time that suits you. You will be required to provide information about where you will be relocating to. Inform the surveyor when exactly you want your belongings at your new destination. The surveyor will then provide you with all the details about the moving process and give you an accurate quote on-site.

What do you benefit from?

  1. When you book our full service, then you do not have to deal with any packing or loading of your belongings.
  2. You will be dealing with a company having 30 years of experience and a team of trained packers and movers.
  3. Reasonable and competitive prices.
  4. We will provide safe transportation of your belongings from point A to point B.
  5. When you hire our packing services, all the necessary packing materials and boxes will be delivered at your place. Our packers will make sure that everything is packed professionally and nothing will break.
  6. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have got and provide advice where necessary.
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Storage Facility

It is possible that you discover that you need to store a few or all your possessions for a time period prior to moving to Spain. Moving Home Company provides secure containerised storage facilities. Our storage units are safe, clean and secure. All of our storage units have CCTV and intruder alarms installed.

We possess a fleet of vans of different sizes that can easily accommodate all your belongings safely without any issue.


Insurance Coverage

At Moving Home Company, we take into account that your belongings are among your most prized possessions. While we take every precaution and care to look after your belongings, we have enough experience to know that accidents can also occur. For that reason, we provide our customers with the choice of selecting our fully comprehensive removals insurance cover so that you can have peace of mind that your possessions are protected. Our rates are competitive, which are based on your insurance requirements.


Removers Transit and Storage Insurance

Our insurance coverage has been specially designed for this company and incorporates a number of attractive benefits. The insurance policy terms and conditions can be adapted to make sure our customer’s wishes are being met. Our cover is placed with a panel of established insurers, such as Lloyd’s Underwriters.

Policy Features:

Cover is Europe-wide
Archive storage is included and covers reconstitution expenses
The new-for-old cover is available (not applicable to liability policies)
Terrorism cover is available
Errors & Omissions extension as standard
Cover for worldwide liabilities as shipper and packer is included



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Export Packing and Wrapping

Our professional packing service is specially designed to make sure all your furniture, and possessions arrive in Spain in the same condition they left the UK.

Our staff will pack and wrap all objects being transported in special breathable bubble wrap. It is then prepared for loading onto containers for secure transit overseas.

Moreover, for bulky or delicate items, special wooden crates can be made to measure. It will minimise any potential damage to even your most prized possessions throughout transit.


Preparing for Your Move

The entire moving experience can be incredibly traumatic, especially when relocating abroad.

Moving Home Company has been transporting goods to Spain for many years and can make the moving process run smoothly and without any hassle on the day.

Also, it is far crucial to plan in advance. This is important because you need to make sure that we are available at the day and time of your move to assist you. So it is therefore essential to plan ahead when looking to secure transport companies uk to spain services.